Cancelling Appointments

Please notify the office of cancellations as soon as possible so other patients can be accommodated.

Prescription Renewals

Please try to have prescriptions renewed at your regular office visit. Bring your pill bottles or a list of medications with you. An appointment to see the doctor for a renewal is required.

Test Results

Please check with your doctor on how you will receive your results. If your results are NORMAL you may not be called. Your doctor may call you, have his nurse call you or may want to discuss the results with you in person. Test results are not always back on the same day, some take 10 days to 6 weeks, depending on the type of test.

Urgent and Emergency Care

Patients needing care after hours which is not life threatening should phone ahead of time to see what is the appropriate time to be seen in the Emergency Department. There is always a doctor on call at the hospital for all emergency needs. Follow up appointments should be made with your own Family Physician.

Immunizations, Allergy shots and Injections

The nurses are available during regular office hours for these services. Visits separate from a "doctor visit" will be worked in as the nurses' time permits. Patients seeing the doctor will have priority with the nurse.

Obstetrical Care

There are a number of physicians within the clinic that provide Obstetrical care and look after their own obstetrical patients up to the time of delivery.  Your delivery will be by one of our obstetrical physicians.

Medical Aesthetics

We have a trained Medical Practitioner specialized in advanced skin treatments which includes Cosmetic Botox and Dermal fillers.  Botox for excessive sweating. Sclerotherapy for spider veins.  Micro-needling to decrease fine lines, scars, pigments, blemishes and pore size.  Micro-needling also helps dissove small fat deposits. Click the Medical Aesthetics Header for more information.

Uninsured Services

Services not covered by Manitoba Health (i.e. uninsured services) include: examinations for employment, drivers license, insurance, travel and immigration, some injections, physicals, removal of cosmetic lesions, cost of IUD's, letters and forms. The receptionist or nurse will inform you if you are required to pay for any part of your office visit. Other clinics may charge you for transfer of your medical records to us. We have an admin charge for transferring medical records to another Medical Center.


Your medical record is strictly private. No information will be given to anyone without your permission.

Family Pratice Residency Program

The Dauphin Medical Clinic is affiliated with the University of Manitoba, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Family Practice. At times, you may be seen by a resident working with your family physician. He or she will be a qualified physician in their second year of family practice residency. Patients seen by these residents will have their care discussed with their family physician at all times.