Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada

The Dauphin Medical Clinic is currently seeking a GP Anesthetist

The Dauphin Medical Clinic is a very busy, attractive clinic ideally situated across from the Dauphin Regional Health Centre. Along with 4 GP Anesthetists there are 18 GP’s, 2 General Surgeons, an Internist, a GP providing Aesthetic Services and an Itinerate Obs/Gyne which make up our clinic. There is one other surgeon that also provides services to the Dauphin Regional Health Center.

The DMC provides services to the Dauphin Regional Health Center along with Anesthesia there is Obstetrics, Cancer Care, Hemodialysis, ICU, Psychiatry. The Dauphin Regional Health Center has CT scanning, ultrasound and soon to be MRI. The clinic provides physician services to satellite clinics in the surrounding area. The Parkland Region has a population of approximately 45,000. Dauphin is the site of the rural Family Practice Residency Program, which also provides the opportunity for teaching; many physicians in the clinic act as preceptors for the program.

Dauphin is housed between the Riding Mountain National Park and the Duck Mountain Provincial Park surrounding Dauphin with mountains and lakes. This ideal location provides Dauphin with year round outdoor activities such as golfing, fishing, hunting, skiing and hiking. We have a new recreational facility in Dauphin with an indoor swimming pool, curling rinks and soon to be a new indoor hockey/skating arena. We have a number of excellent schools with two immersion programs; French and Ukrainian as well as the Assiniboine Community College.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about this exceptional opportunity please contact:

Dauphin Medical Clinic
622 – 3rd Street S.W.
Dauphin, Mb. R7N 1R5
Phone: (204) 638-6445 Fax: (204) 638-5670
E-mail: info((at))

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