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The Dauphin Medical Clinic was founded in 1971 by Dr. A. Becker, Dr. E. Braun, Dr. B. Carleton, Dr. A. Lysack, Dr. K. McIver, Dr. L. Stephen, and Dr. G. Warrian.

Patient care has always been one of the values of the Dauphin Medical Clinic; as such, the founding members understood the benefit of patients having access to a pool of qualified physicians. Starting with 7 physicians, the Clinic grew over the last 50 years to reach 30 physicians today. Areas of practice vary from Family Medicine to General Surgery, as well as Internal Medicine, Obstetrics, and Gynecology.

The 2010 expansion of the building resulted in the addition of 20 more exam rooms, taking the Clinic from 24 to 44 rooms.

Our Vision

Dauphin Medical Clinic is the premier facility for engaged collaboration of physicians who serve the people of Prairie Mountain North in their communities.

Our Mission

The professionals at Dauphin Medical Clinic provide a diverse range of high-quality health care in a cost-effective manner, with outcomes that matter to patients.

Our Values

Patient-Centred Care: The patient is the most important person in our business

Autonomy: Our independence enables quality service.

Flexibility: Diverse practice options provide work/life balance.

Access: Medical professionals provide a wide range of services.

Team: Trust in each other supports comprehensive care.