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Skin Care

Dr. Brenna and Three Graces Medi Spa

The Dauphin Medical Clinic is proud to endorse the Dr. Brenna & Three Graces Medi Spa. At the Medi Spa, Dr. Brenna provides individualized assessment for your skin, body, and veins, with an aim to slow and reverse the aging process.

"Improve self esteem and body image, leading to decreased stress, improved concentration and a more optimistic outlook on the world".

Visit Dr. Brenna & Three Graces for more information.

UV Booth

The Dauphin Medical Clinic is excited to offer UV Booth services, courtesy of Dr. Jason Sneath.

UVB Phototherapy works by penetrating the skin with UVB wavelength light to treat chronic skin conditions (such as psoriasis, vitiligo, and dermatitis). The light penetrates the skin to slow down affected skin cell growth.

Call to book an appointment with your doctor to see if Dauphin Medical Clinic's skin care solutions are right for you.