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City of Dauphin
Dauphin is a warm and welcoming community surrounded by rich, productive farmland, natural beauty and a myriad of opportunities for outdoor recreation. Dauphin is situated in the heart of Manitoba’s most spectacularly scenic region known as the Parkland.

Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy
The Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy is the largest and most innovative pharmacy in the Parkland area. With ten pharmacists and a dedicated team of technicians and staff, we can provide the most complete, convenient and professional array of services possible.

Parkland Tourism
The Parkland marks the region of Manitoba where the grasslands of the Canadian prairies give way to the more densely forested regions of the north. It’s an area of beautiful parks, vast forests, diverse wildlife, and never-ending recreational opportunities.

Family Doctor Finder
If you are looking for a home clinic in Manitoba, Family Doctor Finder can help you find one. A home clinic is a patient-centred family practice that a patient/client identifies as the place that serves as a home base or central hub for timely care and coordination of all your health and medical needs over time. Research shows that using this model leads to better healthcare, better patient experience and better value for taxpayers. Family Doctor Finder can make it easier for you and your family to find a team of healthcare professionals (including family doctors and/or nurse practitioners) as part of home clinic that provides you with a base for your health care needs.

Manitoba Health
Your resource for all things related to healthcare in Manitoba.