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Our receptionists want to help you. They need to know your name, Manitoba Health number, PHIN number, contact information and the nature of your visit. Please let them know if your visit is for an urgent or non urgent problem, a follow up visit, maternity care, a complete physical, insurance, or for a driver's physical. Information enables the receptionists to book an appropriate appointment for you. Any medical forms to be filled out should be shown to the receptionists, as some information on the form may have to be filled out by a nurse before seeing the doctor.


Please notify the office of cancellations as soon as possible so that other patients can be accommodated. No-show fees may apply, and you may be charged for that appointment.

Uninsured Services

Services not covered by Manitoba Health include:

  • Examinations for employment
  • Driver's license
  • Insurance
  • Travel and Immigration
  • Some injections
  • Physicals
  • Removal of cosmetic lesions
  • Cost of IUDs
  • Letters & forms

The receptionists or nurses will inform you if you are required to pay for any part of your office visit. Other clinics may charge you for transfer of your medical records to us. Finally, we have a charge for transferring medical records to another medical centre.